What is Green Coffee Bean?

Coffee – the second most traded liquid next to oil– isone of the most promising high-value crops to plant in many different regions. Sadly though, not all countries are capable of growing good coffee trees. The demand for coffee has continued to increase since the 1800’s. Discovered in Ethiopia, coffee enables its drinkers to gain vitality and enjoy its strong yet delicious aroma that can awakensenses. Majority of people drink coffee as a regular beverage at home, in the office, or in any social setting. In some contexts, it serves as a common denominator of the rich and the poor.  Today, with all the coffee shops sprouting around, the coffee drinking culture has already become a status symbol. Those who can afford to sit and have coffee in any coffee shop are mostly middle class to rich populace.Although coffee shops also serve other beverages besides coffee.

But, what is green coffee bean? This is a technical term used to describe a coffee bean that is ready for roasting. It can be really confusing as many people term unripe coffee cherry as green coffee. Coffee fruit is called cherries or berries. Each cherry is coated with pulp, which looks green when unripe and red when it’s ripe and ready for picking. Once the coffee cherries are ripe, they are picked and depulped using a depulping machine. Each cherry has two coffee beans in it, which is called parchment coffee after the depulping, fermentation and drying processes are done. The parchment is a thin gold covering of each bean, which needs to be dehulled using a dehulling machine. Once the parchment beans are dehulled, green coffee beans are produced, which is now ready for roasting. Roasted coffee beans are grinded so they can be brewed or extracted to make espresso-based coffee. Amazing, isn’t it?